New Client Experience

1. Initial client meeting

We’ll review your top goals and objectives, to determine if it makes sense for us to begin a relationship.

2. Second client meeting

Now we’ll review data in more detail to fill in any gaps on our understanding of your situation. During this time, we’ll also go into detail about our investment approach as it pertains to your situation. It is important we obtain a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish and then outline your goals and constraints as they pertain to your investments.

What We DO Demo

3. Scheduled Phone Call

At this point we’ll review an outline of your financial plan and explain some possible opportunities we’ve found to improve your financial position.

4. Presentation meeting

Here we’ll spend some time going through your financial plan and investment strategy. We’ll also initiate the first steps in executing your plan.

5. Scheduled phone call

We’ll review the status of your account transfers, and walk you through the online account access setup.

6. Client statement walk-through

We’ll cover your statement layout and answer any additional questions you may have.

7. First client review meeting

We’ll discuss the initial progress of your portfolio and financial plan and address any follow-up items.