Our Investment Philosophy

Change is the only truly constant feature of the financial landscape. So, rather than run from or rail against this reality, we work with it. Our team seeks to anticpate and manage change by relying on the core principles – reason, adaptability, and proactive asset management – that have seen generations before us through their own uncertain times.

Today, we confront the after effects of a tectonic shift in the global economy that led to the near-collapse of the financial markets in 2008. We’re operating in what some have called “The New Normal,” and many of the old investment approaches no longer apply. Moving forward, we must be vigilant and nimble, and we must return to the enduring values of hard work, community and decision-making based on experience, education and common sense.

In this new environment, we believe investment portfolios must be managed professionally and proactively, and financial lives must be governed by caution and prudence. We are patient investors with an eye towards maximizing risk-adjusted returns, not merely gross nominal returns (which are the only ones that get reported). These are not just principles we recommend – they are principles we practice ourselves.