Planning Process

Identify Goals

We will identify and prioritize your goals to understand your dreams at a deep level, because knowing your goals and aspirations will be essential to working with you towards those goals.

Gather Information

We will review and analyze important information to develop a comprehensive view of your situation. After reviewing your information, we will start to analyze your current scenario, identifying any risks and alternatives along the way.

Propose Solutions

We will propose solutions tailored specifically to your needs that will help you work towards reaching your goals. Our role is to help you fully understand the risks in your portfolio and help you take action to mitigate those risks.

Track your on-going progress

The most important part of the process is giving you the on-going support and accountability you need to reach your destination. We will set out a schedule to meet face-to-face or over the phone (depending on your preference) multiple times each year to keep you on track.